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Welcome to your new lash lounge! At Lux Lash Lounge, all of our services are performed by licensed professionals. Each lash service is customized to our clients desires. We take pride in our work and use the highest quality materials on the market!

Eyelash extensions are a safe, natural way to make your lashes look longer. These individual lashes attach directly to the base of each hair for an attractive fullness that lasts up to six weeks or more! There are a variety of different materials used for eyelash extensions. We use Synthetic, Silk and Satin materials to ensure our clients get the look they desire. We strive to provide the best Eyelash Extension services in New York!
You should always choose an experienced professional who knows how important quality is when applying this type of service–which is where we come in! We have been providing trusted eyelash services for over 6 years and have serviced thousands of happy clients!

lash Care Best Sellers

Cleanser with brush

Foaming eyelash shampoo. Oil-free, tear-free.


Full Bundle Deal

Full Bundle Deal

Gel Remover, Cleanser and Brush, Primer, Sealer, Glue


10g Gel Remover

10g Gel Remover

Gel cream remover can be used to remove any type of lash glue.


Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic Lashes

Classic Lash Extensions – Synthetic



Premade Fans

Silk Fans. 3D, 5D and 6D


Cashmere Lashes

Cashmere Lashes

Classic Lash Extensions – Cashmere


Lash extension certification

Have you been thinking about becoming a Certified Eyelash Extension Professional and increasing your client base? Have you researched the options out there to find which company is best for fulfilling career goals but haven’t found anything yet? We guarantee that you will learn everything you need and more regarding eyelashes extensions and growing your business at Lux Lash Academy.

We provide the most comprehensive training in all aspects. From beginner classes that teach you how to apply lashes safely without harming yourself or others- to advanced techniques that will help take your skills to a new level. You’ll receive individualized attention at every stage to ensure you receive the best eyelash extension application training in New York! We teach classic lash extension courses to help you master the art of lashing!

Book your training now or call us to learn more about our courses

Eyelash Health and Care Tips

The best way to keep your lashes healthy and clean is with our high quality eyelash cleanser. This oil-free product gently cleanses away all impurities, making it perfect for use before or after extensions! It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin without fear of breakouts -protecting eyesight from harmful debris while soothing any irritation. Our Lux Lash Cleanser is the best Lash Cleanser on the market!
Lash removal is a delicate procedure that requires the assistance of a licensed technician. Our professional eyelash lounge uses a special adhesive-removal gel to break down any bonds on your lashes, causing them to fall off after only seconds! With this service, you can avoid damaging your natural lashes with harsh chemicals like destrier glue- no more worrying about a burning sensation when removing these added enhancements in future sessions.

Cleaning your lash extensions every few days helps avoid any skin or oil debris buildup that can cause your lashes to fall out at a faster rate. To correctly cleanse your lashes you can perform the following: Use the Lux Lash Cleanser and add it to the soft bristled fan brush, specially designed to get in between the lashes, gently brush through the lash extensions, wash the cleanser out with water and gently pat dry using a paper towel or cloth. It’s that easy!

Eyelash Extension FAQ

When should I come back for a refill?
Refills can be done every 2-4 weeks. The average client can extend their lash life every three weeks. However, not everyone’s natural hair growth cycle is the same. After four weeks, a new set is more than likely required.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Clean your lashes and make sure to have no makeup or oily products on your skin.

Can I wear makeup with my eyelash extensions?

Yes! However, it is not recommended that you use any waterproof makeup, as it requires more rubbing around the extensions. Use only water-based (oil-free) makeup around the eyes. When using mascara (oil-free), apply only at the tips of your extensions, not from the base, as this will clump your extensions together. Thoroughly remove all makeup with our Lux Lash Cleanser.


Don’t wet your lashes for the first 24-48 hours after your appointment. Brush your lashes daily. Cleanse your lashes at least 3x a week . No oily products on or around the eyes. Don’t pick, pull, or rub your eyelash extensions. No waterproof mascara, waterproof makeup, or eyelash curler on your extensions. No steam or extreme heat around your eyelash extensions. 
Schedule a refill around every three weeks.

Before Your Appointment


Shower before your appointment. You cannot get your eyelashes wet for the first 24-48 hours after application.

You can but are not required to remove your contacts to avoid any discomfort. Your eyes will be closed during the application of your eyelash extensions.

Wear comfortable clothing. You will be lying down for 1-2 hours, depending on the type of application. Comfortable clothes will allow you to make the most of this time to relax and be pampered.

Inform your technician of any known eye conditions before your appointment.


Do not wear makeup to your appointment. Please come to your appointment with a clean face to save time and ensure your lashes are oil-free.

Do not have coffee right before your appointment. Caffeine and other stimulants may put you in a restless state. You should be still and relaxed for the fastest application.

Do not use any oil-based products around the eyes.

Words From Our Happy Customers

Tay S


I love this place !!!!

The ladies are so professional and punctual. The place itself is breath of fresh air! The entire aura relaxes you and they are super welcoming. Their services range but I have never left this place unhappy. They take their time, making sure you are comfortable and satisfied with whatever service provided. Usually I have a preferred person when and I go to shops like this but they all are really wonderful. They are worth every dime and your time!
Jessica M


This is definitely a life commitment!

I’ve been getting my eyelashes done religiously here for the last year and half and I have zero complaints. Sam is my technician and she’s amazing! Always takes her time and you almost feel like family when you come in here. I’ve had some issues in the beginning with one of my eyes having reactions to the glue and with the help of Lex (Also amazing! Sweetest girl around), we found something that works!! Quality is on point& everyone who I’ve recommended to come here has also become an addict so beware…

Christina C


This place is amazing!

This was my first time getting my extension lashes done and let me tell you, this place is amazing! I had Hannah do my lash extension and she knew her stuff, and she’s super duper sweet too! She would recommend you lashes that would suit you and explain the process really well. During the procedure, I barely felt anything for the past 2 hrs which I almost fell asleep, and that shows how good she was 🙂 Once it was done, the lashes looked so natural and amazing! I recommend this place if you were to get your lash extension done!

New York City's #1 Lash Extension Salon

Lux Lash Lounge is a one-stop-shop for your beauty needs! We will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best! We are Brooklyn’s Best Eyelash Extension Salon! Let us beautify you!


The lash technician will help you determine which type of extension is best for your natural lashes. Here at Lux Lash Lounge we value the health of our clients natural lashes. We strive to customize the proper length and weight so that the natural lash can sustain the extension without any damage. We have a wide variety of materials in order to be able to achieve any look our clients desire! 

Whether you are going for a natural or dramatic look, your lash tech will help create the perfect look for your eye-shape!

Lash Types
Lash Types
Lash Types

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