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My name is Alexis and I am the Founder and Owner of Lux Lash Lounge. I have been in the eyelash business for over 6 years and I am very knowledgeable about the art of eyelash extensions. I love to learn and expand my knowledge by attending seminars and classes regularly. 

Since I was a child, I had a passion for beauty. When I was young I loved when my mother would dress me up, do my hair, make-up and paint my nails. Those were some of the most cherished times of my life. For many years I had no idea what career path I wanted to choose. I went through phases from retail to restaurants, and landed in dentistry. I was in the dental field for 8 years, bored and unhappy, my heart was with fashion and beauty.

For years my mother urged me to try eyelash extensions, so finally I gave in. She has over 20 years experience as a licensed esthetician and I watched her transform women in front of my eyes. I decided to go back to school for esthetics. I wanted to help women, I wanted to change their lives the way I watched my mother do for so many years. This was the best decision I could have ever made.

I wanted to prove to the world how great this service is. I was so confident with this service and having eyelash extensions for so many years made me prime example of all the benefits. I also knew first hand that eyelash DO NOT cause any damage to your natural lashes when done properly by a licensed professional.

Being that my business grew fast, I became so busy that I needed help so that everyone can get the Lux Lash Lounge experience. I have created a team of licensed estheticians who share my passion for beauty. Each one trained by me personally to ensure that every client leaves receiving the best quality work! We strive to make sure every client is satisfied with our services! The materials we use at Lux Lash Lounge are the highest quality on the market. Eyelash extensions are designed and applied enhances the beauty of your eyes. They give you a beautiful natural look without having to apply any makeup. 

Lux Lash Lounge is our home away from home and we hope you will trust us enough to join our lash family!

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Lux Lash Lounge View
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Words From Our Happy Customers

Tay S


I love this place !!!!

The ladies are so professional and punctual. The place itself is breath of fresh air! The entire aura relaxes you and they are super welcoming. Their services range but I have never left this place unhappy. They take their time, making sure you are comfortable and satisfied with whatever service provided. Usually I have a preferred person when and I go to shops like this but they all are really wonderful. They are worth every dime and your time!
Jessica M


This is definitely a life commitment!

I’ve been getting my eyelashes done religiously here for the last year and half and I have zero complaints. Sam is my technician and she’s amazing! Always takes her time and you almost feel like family when you come in here. I’ve had some issues in the beginning with one of my eyes having reactions to the glue and with the help of Lex (Also amazing! Sweetest girl around), we found something that works!! Quality is on point& everyone who I’ve recommended to come here has also become an addict so beware…

Christina C


This place is amazing!

This was my first time getting my extension lashes done and let me tell you, this place is amazing! I had Hannah do my lash extension and she knew her stuff, and she’s super duper sweet too! She would recommend you lashes that would suit you and explain the process really well. During the procedure, I barely felt anything for the past 2 hrs which I almost fell asleep, and that shows how good she was 🙂 Once it was done, the lashes looked so natural and amazing! I recommend this place if you were to get your lash extension done!

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